Definition of godforsaken. 1: remote, desolate. 2: neglected and miserable in appearance or circumstances. adjective (sometimes initial capital letter) desolate; remote; deserted: They live in some godforsaken place 40 miles from the nearest town. wretched; neglected; pitiable.

Godforsaken definition: If you say that somewhere is a godforsaken place, you dislike it Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. If there'd been a halfway decent house for hire on this godforsaken island, I would have taken it.

god-forsaken: Abandoned by a deity or god. adjective In desperate circumstances. adjective pejorative term for a non-believer in a god or deity ; an atheist. a place having been deserted by god, desolate, having no evidence of godliness. Top definition I'd love to have one night with that god forsaken Kaj. Godforsaken definition is - remote, desolate. How to use Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

God-forsaken synonyms, God-forsaken pronunciation, God-forsaken up to date as to all that has occurred in this most God-forsaken corner of the world. View in context. How on earth did you come to hear of a God-forsaken place like this?. Hi everybody!! What does the expression mean in this lyric please? to forsake is to abandon, usually used in religious terms either seriously. godforsaken definition: 1. A godforsaken place is not attractive and contains nothing interesting or pleasant: 2 Why would you come to this godforsaken place?.

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