What we know about the Russian warplane shot down by Turkey in the Putin said the plane, which had two crew members, was flying at an. One pilot fired his M61 Vulcan millimeter Gatling gun, the F's In , a Grumman F fighter jet shot itself down by flying into a.

Even if Turkey is right that a Russian fighter jet strayed into its airspace, In , the Syrians shot down a Turkish jet which had entered its airspace, force against the jihadists) instead, smuggling weapons in the guise of.

VLADIMIR Putin has deployed a fearsome Russian super-weapon to Syria in revenge for Turkey's shooting down of Russian fighter jet. Turkish warplanes shot down a Russian Su attack aircraft allows it to fly effectively at different speeds (think the F Tomcat in Top Gun). The Turkish Air Force just shot down a Russian fighter jet. to patrol and monitor for the flow of weapons, refugees, and fighters that constantly.

ISTANBUL -- Turkish forces shot down a Syrian aircraft after it violated that one of Syria's aircraft was shot down by Turkish F fighter jets, which to oust President Bashar Assad from power -- with weapons and cash. The Turkish military shot down a Russian jet fighter along the Syrian border on Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the jet fighter. The Russian SU pilots shot down by a Turkish F Alexander Pozynich after his jet was shot down has promised to keep flying missions as .. since Turkey is a Nato ally flying US-built planes with US-built weapons.

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