Anime Underground 12 Things Only Male Sailor Moon Fans Will Understand Guys who like Sailor Moon are used to the assumptions that come with the. Sailor Moon the anime helped me to get into anime. Another one Why do guys like to watch Sailor Moon if it is only for girls? 1, Views.

It is totally acceptable for a guy to enjoy Sailor Moon. I'm a guy and I love Sailor Moon, and I make no effort in hiding the fact I like it, if the.

I feel this needs to be addressed. Here's the thing; I'm a guy and I actually like watching Sailor Moon. That can't be good, right? It's not the.

Listen bitch, it was kinda okay for a dude to watch that shit in the mids when there was no other anime floating around the TV set, but once.

is it weird for a guy to like this show? i been watching some episodes recently and i cant get enough this shit is on point the show is kinda girly.

In reality sailor moon is a shojo anime shojo meaning young girl. Yeah some guys may like sailor moon for its transformation scenes, but for.

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