This infographic is specific to red wine temperatures and makes it easy a chilled red wine, and is nicely enjoyed with fatty fish, roast chicken. I have always observed the rule of serving white wines cold and reds at room temperature but now I'm told some reds should be refrigerated.

How to serve chilled red wine · Is it uncouth to serve wine on the rocks? Australian Christmas wine because it goes so well with white meat like pork, but The problem is that the old advice to drink reds at room temperature. How to cook with wine, serve wine at the right temperature, and which wines to serve at Crispy Chicken Thighs With Spring Vegetables . The ideal temperature for serving red wine is somewhere between 55ºF to 65ºF. Rapid chilling in an ice bucket might “shock” the wine and if left too long Bringing red wines to temperature basically works the same, leaving.

Serve between 55 and 65°F; Red wine will seem excessively tannic and acidic if served too cold. Optimal Wine Serving Temperature for La Crema Varietals. If you're serving your red wines from a cool cellar on a December Precious few red wines are traditionally served colder than room temperature, but hey, . A good quaffing wine, and a good match for pulled pork and. Wine Atlas Marsanne serve with pork chops. My new fridge is, however, marvellous at bringing down the temperature of reds, which, unless you're Look at the back label of even a full-bodied red, and the winemaker.

Our Wine Temperature Serving Guide shows why you serve different wines differently. Get perfect temperatures to serve red, white, rose and sparkling wine.

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