Normal breathing in a guinea pig should be easy and quiet. . What do I do if my guinea pig is breathing fast, hasn't eaten in two days, and is. Snowball's breathing is slow and deep, as if forced, as you do when you used to breath so heavily I felt it was due to sleep and nothing more.

25 Jul - 31 sec - Uploaded by m1a9r87 UPDATE: I'm getting many questions about what happened. We lost Mocha:( She had some. 6 Jan - 14 sec - Uploaded by Priscilla Morrison Hi if someone can please help my guinea pig is breathing heavy she but when she is. 31 Jan - 50 sec - Uploaded by Stephen Heliczer Help - please!!! "Midnight" The Midday Snoring Guinea pig breathing problem! Any ideas.

A guinea pig's health can deteriorate very quickly. Refusal to eat or drink; Labored breathing, wheezing; Crusty eyes, sneezing; Rough or puffed-up coat; Dull.

Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Based upon your description, there is a good possibility that your guinea pig has an.

I'm sorry to hear your guinea pig is ill. some additional information will be The breathing difficulties may be signs of pneumonia, which is.

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