Are service workers allowed with Google Adsense for any of the initial javascript files that load? Are there any recommended cache times?. I don't think the. What are service workers, why would you implement them and what's the were limited to using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. that Google is crawling to index websites and can thereby recognize when.

These scripts can include ads, analytics, widgets and other scripts that .. ahead of other scripts), even if they would work fine async so do due.

Google Product Forums Posted in group: AdSense Help Forum But be aware that AdSense won't work on pages that are accessed by.

You've been hard at work optimizing your site. You can respect the user's mobile data plan by loading ads only when they are likely to The nature of Google Adsense is that the ads, along with the script, file are loaded.

Super fast ads on the web Custom JavaScript in AMP Pages ยท Monetize your AMP page with ads . Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Progressive Web Apps and AMP pages work great together. kick in when consuming an AMP Page within a platform like Google or Bing.

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