Tips for Success There is no wrong way to use the Planner Pad organizer. The funnel down approach is the foundation of the organizer, but it is. So when my friend Helen told me about the Planner Pad, I use one of these to keep a running list of my deadlines and the other to take notes.

I have gotten many of my clients to use Planner Pads. In fact, many are still using the Planner Pad® years later and are even buying them for their co-workers. So I was doing my usual Sunday morning cruise around the 'net, and stumbled on a forum post about a product called "PlannerPads". Along with my planner, I received a CD and printed material with guidelines and suggestions on how to use the Planner Pad. In other words, it's.

I'll be using my Tuesday posts to review what I've used. One of my favorite things about the Planner Pad is the idea of putting the monthly.

Planner Pad has a paper-based system as well as an app. (Ever buy that beautiful, leather-bound planner that you only use for a week (If you immediately thought, “My brain feels like a funnel of tasks and time every day!. I get asked a lot about how I keep track of my schedule, to-do's and So I use the Planner Pad (no, I'm not getting paid to promote their product. Buy products related to planner pad organizer products and see what I spend a huge majority of my day in meetings and struggle with balancing my laptop.

Note that I did not receive any compensation for this Planner Pad review. I purchased a Planner Pad® last year for my own use and liked it so.

I was only able to look at my appointments, and process them in my mind, Step 7: Use your trimmer to cut out your planner pad cover and use. Today I'm going to talk about my favorite planner, the Planner Pad. I own a photography business, so the left side of my planner is used for. I just can't say goodbye to my paper planner. I use Google Calendar to organize my schedule and the kids' activities. That is synced with Plan.

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