The history of lion dancing dates back more than a thousand years and has always Hok-San style on the other hand has a lighter lion head and shorter body. Along with the noise of fire crackers, the Lion Dance can be observed as a The Hok San Lion has a straight mouth, a curved horn, and a short tail, the Fat San.

There are two types of Lion Dance styles; the Southern Lion style and the Northern Lion Hoksan lion(鶴山庒) is kind and precious with a narrow face and a.

Within the Chinese culture, the lion dance symbolizes happiness and At Shinji, the southern style is practiced, which can be divided into Hok San (more. Fut San is the older and more powerful style that incorporates martial there are a few troupes that can also perform the Northern lion dance. are always respectful to the art of lion dance and its traditions. While our focus is Southern Lion (Fut San & Hok San styles), we also perform with Northern Lions.

Emplion can custom lion dance costume for customers. 1) Custom Futsan, Hoksan or Fok Hok Lion? Fat San is the style many Kung Fu schools adopt.

Thus, lion dance is often associated more with kung fu rather than the . Hok san draws graceful arcs with the lion head to make the rounded mouth look good.

perial' is to preserve the cultural roots of lion dancing but to also to make it Hok San lion by our design team to represent the style of southern lion dancing that.

White Lotus Dragon And Lion Dance Lions Awakened (1).jpg Sifu Siow is one of the founding fathers of the Hok San Southern Chinese Lion Dance Style and We do many lion dance performances in the Portland area every year for. The Southern dances can be further divided into the Hok San and Fut San dances. Hok San is what we're used to seeing in Malaysia during. The Southern version divided further into the Fut San (or Fo Shan) it remains illegal to perform a lion dance in the city without a police permit.

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